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Are marble tiles and full-body marble tiles the same? There is s
Date of issue:2021-07-15 Reading volume:1034
Just looking at the two literally, I don't think there is a big difference, and they all feel the same, but there are only two more words, there is such a big difference! I believe that many friends have the same misunderstandings as me. Next, Zhongtao Jun will take you to see the difference between marble tiles and full-body marble tiles.
   In fact, the whole body marble tiles have made breakthroughs in technology, effect, texture, etc., crossing the bottleneck of the color development of the base blank, achieving the same characteristics of the surface and the inside of the ceramic tile, and narrowing the distance between the ceramic tile product and the natural marble product.
1. What is the difference between marble tiles and full-body marble tiles
   In terms of effect, marble and marble tiles are basically the same. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the realistic effects of marble tiles. In terms of performance, marble tiles are superior, not only waterproof, anti-fouling, non-slip, and flexural, but also easy to maintain. In terms of price, marble tiles are cheaper.
   Whole body marble tile: It is an upgraded product of the marble tile whose large tile body is basically the same as the surface texture color. The whole body marble tile is on the tile body, the color, texture, and function are infinitely close to the effect of natural stone rock formation, and the texture is more transparent.
  The advantage is that the whole brick body can achieve a good texture rendering effect from any angle and any cutting method, and achieve a real texture.
Marble tiles are different. The pattern and texture are mainly to replicate the texture of high-end marble stone, and the corresponding marble stone can basically be found for real marble tiles. At present, many signs of marble tiles on the market sell pure and complete. Glaze polishing products, of course, there are not a few manufacturers like this.
Second, the characteristics of the whole body marble tile
  1. In terms of material, ultra-white: the whole body marble tile has crystal penetrating material added to the raw material, through the new 3D inkjet penetration technology, the depth of the natural stone rock formation effect is restored, the ultra-white body, the texture is transparent.
2. In terms of material, the whole body: through the top aesthetic fabric technology, from the bottom of the green body to the glaze layer, the surface and the inside are the same. The whole brick body can achieve a good texture presentation effect from any angle and any cutting method, and achieve a real texture. Fullbody.
  3. In terms of performance and quality: it is pressed by a 7800 tonnage press and fired at a high temperature of 1280 ℃ for 65 minutes. The color of the brick body is more delicate; the performance and quality are completely beyond doubt.
   4. In design, beyond real stone:
(1) Restore the real stone: The whole body marble tiles are designed based on the surface texture and color of the top foreign precious natural stone. Each tile uses 8-12 colors and glazes. The surface color and texture of the famous stone are restored through the new 3D inkjet penetration technology. Rich, natural and realistic line texture, all aspects of performance are far from comparable to ordinary stone tiles.
(2) Concave-convex natural texture: The industry’s first kiln-changing crack pickling technology is used to make the surface crack lines naturally convex and concave, simulating the geographic deterioration process of natural marble, and 100% restore the convex and concave cracks that natural marble can only have, which is completely impossible for ordinary marble tiles. 
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