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The difference between rock slab and ceramic slab
Date of issue:2021-07-15 Reading volume:1111
Although both rock slabs and ceramic slabs belong to the "board" generation, there is a big difference between rock slabs and ceramic thin slabs and ceramic slabs.
The difference between rock slab and ceramic sheet
   First, the slate firing temperature is relatively high, 1200-1300 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature reaches 1600 degrees Celsius; the firing temperature of ceramics is 500-600 degrees Celsius.
The big difference between    rock slab is its surface characteristics and internal texture, just like the original "marble tile" separated from the polished glaze. The rock slab has a marble-like texture and granite-like hardness.
   Ceramic slabs and rock slabs are two completely different concepts, and they are two products. Rock slab is a new concept evolved on the basis of ceramic thin plate and ceramic slab. It not only has large-scale commonality with ceramic thin plates and large ceramic plates, but also forms a clear distinction in the expressiveness of ceramic tile products.
1. The difference between embryonic soil
The clay of    rock slab is mixed with volcanic rock ore, which has the hardness and toughness of natural rock, and has the properties of natural rock. The unit of the raw material formula ratio is determined to be milligrams. The composition of the raw material of the embryo body and the composition of the additives are different, which will determine the hardness, wear resistance, flatness, temperature adaptability, corrosion resistance, water absorption, water permeability and other parameters of the finished rock slab.
20,000 tons press molding
   The difference between the ceramic slab and the rock slab depends on the density of the green body. The rock slab is formed by a 10000-30000T (ton) large-tonnage press. After the brick comes out, it has high density, high hardness, and wear resistance. It can be distinguished by looking at the side contrast of the brick or the sound of percussion.
3. High density of rock slab
  The formation of rock slabs requires a tonnage-level press. Under high pressure, the density of the rock slab is increased, and the hardness of the slab is increased, while it has anti-permeability and zero water absorption. High-density pressed rock slabs can prevent cold and heat shrinkage, and can also prevent burrs during the later deep processing and cutting, so the application effect is more extensive.
4. Super 1200° calcination
The calcination temperature of    ceramic sheet is controlled at about 1000°, while the rock slab is over 1200° or even high temperature calcination treatment. After very high temperature treatment, the rock slab reaches Class A fire resistance, and will not undergo physical changes and release peculiar smell gas in case of open fire. Make the rock board come out to achieve the process of natural disinfection, and it can also be grilled on it. After adding the balanced colony glaze, it is no problem to cook or grill between the surface of the rock board.
5. True body
  The rock slab is forged using the whole-body technology, which is better in toughness than ceramic tiles. At the same time, the whole-body technical materials are added to make the surface and the inside of the rock slab be the same. The surface treatment technology of rock slabs is very delicate and complex, especially for restoring the transparency and surface texture of the stone. Generally speaking, the surface process of the slate requires multiple fine high-definition inkjet processing to make the texture gradual and layered transition. There are levels, suitable for processing, is the real rock slab.
  The rock slab can withstand processing, otherwise it would not be called a rock slab, but a ceramic slab. The concept of real rock slabs must be processed deeply. Yinuo Ceramics has deep-processed the rock slab so that it can appear in your cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, desktops...
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